Lucy Pottinger

Does it take a certain type of person to work here? Well, you need to be entrepreneurial. You need to work hard. And if you absolutely thrive off pace, this is the place for you.

I’m part of the Trading team. I’m in charge of Ethical Beauty and Aromatherapy – choosing stock, deciding promotions, setting prices, creating communications… I’m in charge of it all – it’s my baby!

But I actually started as a Packer in Distribution. Then after my A levels, I applied for a Product Manager role and got it. Since then, I’ve worked hard, trained up, and progressed from there. Now I get to go to trade shows all over the world – places like Vegas, Paris, Germany and Madrid – getting to grips with the latest trends, and understanding what our supplier set-ups are like.

If you work hard, train hard, and set yourself goals, you can progress like me.

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