Seen everything you want to see? Heard everything you want to hear? Ready to join Europe’s biggest health and wellbeing retailer? Want to stop reading questions and just get cracking? Excellent.

The application process changes job to job. But, it’s likely to involve at least some of the following steps:


This is just you creating an account with us. It’ll allow you to apply for jobs, and also keep you up to date with where your application is up to. It’ll also allow you to register for job alerts so we can keep you posted when a relevant job pops up.

Online application

This is your chance to tell us all about you and upload your CV. For jobs in Retail, there may be a short questionnaire to fill in too.


This is when our in-house Resourcing team will carefully consider your application and review it against what we’re looking for.


Interviews are usually face to face, but sometimes we do them over phone or Skype. We’ll ask questions about you, your experience and the skills you need to do the job. 

It is really important that you allow your email settings to accept our emails. Please remember to check your pesky spam / junk folders for any communications from us, your invitation to an interview could be sitting there waiting for you to respond.

Assessment centre

Fear not, our assessment centres aren't anything to be nervous about. It's basically your chance to learn all about what we are and what we do. You'll take part in a few difficult exercises - in groups and on your own - and you'll have fun along the way too.

In-store assessment

For jobs in retail, we'll ask you to spend some time in store (usually no more than an hour), and get you to carry out some of the key tasks you'll do in the role. It's a great opportunity for you to meet your future team, and get a good feel for whether or not a job with us is the right thing for you.

And that's it! It might seem like a lot, but you'll whiz through it, and, hopefully, get a clear picture of what life at Holland & Barrett is all about. So relax, enjoy the process, and just be yourself! 

Search roles & apply

Before searching our roles we need you to confirm whether or not you are currently employed by Holland & Barrett.